Into The Dark Unknown

A Belgian Style ‘Royal’ Stout

This is Infinite’s version of what some would refer to as a Russian Imperial Stout; but since we brew all ‘Belgian Inspired’ beers, this is our version of a dark, rich stout.  The beer is dark; just as total darkness is.  At first glance many fear it, but with a slight chance with the aroma, fears start to subside and are replaced with a strong urging to enter the darkness.  This is an extremely complex beer brewed with numerous malts and loads of hops to ‘tame’  the rich malt character.  Smell, Taste, Enjoy!

  • Appearance – Black as Night – Opaque
  • Aroma – Rich dark malt with nice chocolate notes, dark fruits, roast nuts, cocoa and mild oak.
  • Flavor – follows the aroma with deep flavors of roast malt, chocolate, figs, and light oak.  Complex
  • Mouthfeel – full bodied, smooth and creamy, light velvet carbonation with residual malt and cocoa sweetness.
  • Finish – lingering, refreshing.