Belgian Witbier

This is a staple at Infinite Ale Works. Our Belgian Witbier, lovingly nicknamed Witfinite, is light, clean, and crisp. We balance our flavors with a touch of hops, citrus, and coriander notes.  Brewed with wheat, it has a slight haze. When a light beer drinker comes in wanting to try something new, this is usually where we steer them first.

Wit biers are perfectly simple in nature. It is a go-to any time, any place. I can have several without having trouble finishing the last few ounces in a pint. They are usually average to low alcohol content, which allows someone to have a couple before reaching the point of having too many.

Also, look for variations to the style. Several breweries—including us—apply different fruit treatments to a wit bier. We take it a step further and offer a kettle-soured version, but we’ll cover that in a later post.

Once you have had a few of these, you’ll be able to pick out the things you like most in the style. We recommend having a couple outdoors, preferably in the fall or spring. The perfect day for us is when the air is crisp, the warm sun is shining, and a refreshing Witfinite Wit Bier is in our glass.