Infinite Ale Works’ Buzzfest has a history and it starts with Buzz Brown! This is the story of a beer brewed in a unique collaboration style that quite possibly is a first and only. 

It all started with a local event and a need for an Oktoberfest celebration beer. The Reilly Arts Center Oktoberfest festivities will be held on October 8th, 2016 and graciously chose us to brew the beer for the event. Instantly, our thoughts drifted to an amazing Oktoberfest beer that was brewed years ago in the Villages at Spanish Springs Brewery. The brewer there, Buzz Brown, had an amazing copper wrapped brew system he used to churn out his highly sought-after brews. craft beer

Fast forward a few years, and some of his tanks were sold to Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville, and then were passed on to Copp Brewery in Crystal River. Copp Brewery, while under expansion and construction, allowed us to borrow the tanks, and helped us through some growing pains. 

During the six year stay at Swamp Head Brewery, the system was primarily used by their original brewer, Craig Birkmaier. Craig was able to help Swamp Head build a huge following and churned batch after batch out of the copper clad tanks. As Infinite Ale Works began to grow, we were lucky enough to enlist Craig and his years of commercial experience to help us elevate our technique and efficiency. 

We had the copper tanks on loan and we had Craig, who had spent the last six years working with them. Since we now have the original tanks and an original recipe from Buzz, a collaboration brew between two talented brewers, and some reunited brewery equipment seemed like a perfect idea 

We named it Buzzfest after Buzz Brown, who was reunited with commercial brewing and his old tanks after a very long time.