ABV – 4.8%

Our American-Belgo Style Pale ale is an easy drinking and refreshingly hoppy fusion of American hops with a distinctive Belgian yeast character. We use Centennial hops for initial bettering, then finish with Centennial and Amarillo for enhanced hop flavor and aroma. The hops are balanced with a traditional malt bill creating a light, yet flavorful pale ale. The Belgian Abby yeast that creates our West Floridian Quadrupel begins is life by fermenting Infinite Trails, imparting the characteristic fruity esters and light phenolic character of Belgian style Abby ales.

  • Appearance – light copper and clear
  • Aromas – Moderate hop notes, with hints of yeast derived esters and phenolics
  • Flavor – Balanced, smooth and clean with moderate hop bitterness
  • Mouthfeel – Crisp and refreshing.
  • Finish – Nice lingering hop and spicy phenolic flavors