Tea Infused Beer

Infini-tea Series

Tea Time or Happy Hour? Why not both? Tea-infused beer is becoming increasingly popular among craft beer enthusiasts and for good reason. Subtle notes from tea can boost the flavor in already delicious ales. When teas are flavored with fruits or flowers, the tea-beer infusions are taken to the next level.

Plum Tea Infused Craft Beer

Our new Infini-tea Series celebrates the marriage between specialty teas and exquisite Belgian style craft beer. Check out our Infini-tea Series selections below and stop by to enjoy a cuppa!

Lili’uokalani Plum: IAW’s Witfinite treated with Lili-uokalani plum tea, named after the last monarch of Hawaii and literally American Royalty. The tea adds a sweet fruity flavor that makes the Witfinite even more uplifting.

Earl Grey Boundless Blonde: Our refreshing Boundless Blonde gets a touch of class when treated with Earl Grey Tea, a blend of black tea with delicious Bergamot. The Bergamot orange is native to Italy and adds a lovely citrus note to our Blonde ale.

Jasmine Cream Ale: Our popular Cream Ale infused with Jasmine Tea, a tea made with the relaxing scent of Jasmine flower blossoms.