June Pilot Batches!

Throughout June, Infinite will feature the following craft beer pilot batches. Enjoy refreshing summer-inspired ales like the Infinite Trails Pale Ale and delicious tea or cookie infused brews like the Earl Grey Boundless Blonde. Take a growler to go and enjoy at your summer barbecues and picnics.

Try a new brew every Monday!

6/6 – Monk’s Cookie
Belgium specialty ale made with Speculaas cookie spices.

          Infinite Trails Pale Ale
Our crisp summer Pale Ale.

6/13 – Earl Grey Boundless Blonde
Earl Grey tea treated Blonde Ale.

           Superlative Saison
Classic Summer Saison.

6/20 – Into the Dark Experiment
Our traditional Into the Dark Unknown with a twist.

6/27 – Jasmine Cream Ale
Jasmine Tea treated Cream Ale.