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Infinite Ale Works
Traditionally Inspired. Infinitely Creative.

Infinite Ale Works is a haven to anyone interested in expanding their horizons and knowledge into the wonderful world of craft beer. Infinite’s tasting room features 40 different taps of excellent, adventurous craft beer that will suit any discerning palate. Our current tap list features local breweries as well as some of our favorite non local breweries.  Our laid back and friendly atmosphere will strive to make Ocala a ‘beer destination’ for the beer lover. Stop in and become a part of the Infinite family!

Infinite Ale Growlers


What’s a growler you ask?
It’s draft beer to go!

Purchase a refillable 64 oz glass container, or bring your own, and you can purchase a fill of select brews to go!

Witfinite's a Winner!

We are proud to announce our outstanding witbier, Witfinite,…

Monday Beer Releases


Apeiron Barrel Aged
Apeiron Tangelo
ITD  (Into Dark Unknown)
ITD Roast
ITD Barrel Aged
ITD Barrel Aged Snicker Doodle
ITD Choco Mint
ITD Fluffer Nutter
PI ITD Rum Blood Orange
ITD Coco /Almond
Mosaic Session Saison
West Floridian
West Floridian Barrel Aged WF Firken
WF (West Floridian)
Nitro Exxactly Exxactly Wild
Exxactly Jack
Micheal’s Dark Farewell
Tantric Tripel
Superlative Saison
Earl Grey Boundless Blonde
Wee Heavy
Florida Blonde Cantalope
Infinite Trails
Infinite Trails Blood Orange
Milk Stout Cuban Coffee
Raspberry Wit
Witt Sherbert
Witt Orange Cream
Witt Concord
PI Gose Juniper Berry PI
Gose Gose Woodruff
Gose Watermelon
Gose Lychee
Gose Loquat
Bruge Bruin
Bruge Bruin French Toast
Bruge Bruin Cinnibun

Limited Time Pilot Brews will stay on tap until they run out! Call to confirm availability.

Infinite Ales

Call us today and see which of your favorite craft beers are on one of our 40 taps!