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Infinite Ale Works is a Belgian-inspired brewery founded in 2014 with the motto, “Traditionally Inspired, Infinitely Creative". What began as a vision between craft beer lovers has evolved into Ocala’s award-winning distributing craft brewery. Our focus is on paying tribute to timeless traditions while exploring the endless flavor combinations that push the boundaries of the brewing norm. Our quest is to share our innovative creations  and the stories behind them, with people that will appreciate, indulge, and share our passion.

Making great beer is only part of the narrative. It’s the memories made and experiences shared while enjoying our creations that can last a lifetime. Whether it's in our taproom, a special event, at one of our distribution accounts, or in your backyard, we hope you are having a better day because you are drinking an Infinite Ale.

Fruity Cocktails

and beyond...

Beer was our beginning, but it has since opened up an exciting world full of opportunities. Over the last several years, we have learned to expand our interests and experiment with more than just beer. We have used our beer as additions to food recipes, reduced beer down for cocktails, baked bread with our spent grain, and taken a broader approach to our pursuit of flavor creations. We have tried to blend our production processes and ingredients with other kitchen and bar processes and recipes. Our goal is to share a whole line of Infinite products that will keep you excited and curious about what is coming next. So stay tuned, stay connected, and join us on our explorations into a world of food and beverage excitement.

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