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​Traditionally Inspired, Infinitely Creative. 
West Floridian

West Floridian Quad follows tradition by being a dark crimson ale that pours with a nice lingering head. The aroma is sweet with notes of dark fruits, such as plums, raisins and figs. The flavor follows the aroma with a very mild bitterness that complements the rich dark fruit character. It has a medium body a slight creamy character and finished with some residual sweetness.


ABV 10.5%

Into the Dark Roast

Imperial Coffee Stout is big, bold, and surprisingly balanced. With its extremely dark appearance, most are initially nervous to taste. A rich coffee aroma eases the fear, and is followed by flavors of rich dark malts, mild chocolate notes, and the contributing blend of coffee flavors.  This is an extremely complex beer brewed with numerous malts and loads of hops to ‘tame’  the rich malt character. 


ABV 9%


Apeiron is a more balanced version of the IPA style. It uses a blend of Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial to compliment a select group of crystal and pale malts. Packed with IBU’s, yet nicely balanced with flavorful malts.


ABV 7% 



Our American-Belgo Style Pale ale is an easy drinking and refreshingly hoppy fusion of American hops with a distinctive Belgian yeast character. We use Centennial hops for initial bettering, then finish with Centennial and Amarillo for enhanced hop flavor and aroma. The hops are balanced with a traditional malt bill creating a light, yet flavorful pale ale. 


ABV 4.8%



Our Witfinite, a two time Best Florida Beer Medal winner is a traditional Belgian style ‘white’ beer brewed with a large percentage of wheat along with Belgium barley malt and spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel.


ABV 5.5%


Raspberry Witfinite

Raspberry Witfinite begins as our two time Best Florida Beer Medal winning Belgian Wit-bier. Mid fermentation, it gets a huge treatment of fresh Raspberry.  The combination of the traditional wit-bier flavors, and the Raspberry tartness, create a perfect match and a refreshing brew that is more tart then sweet.

ABV 5.5%

Into The Haze

Into The Haze cuts through the fog with its citrus drenched aromas and flavors. This juice bomb of an IPA is packed with Citra and Mosaic hops and undergoes two major rounds of dry hopping. Easy to drink and refreshing, this IPA is perfect for any season.

ABV 6%

Other Draft Beers

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