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Can Art Label Contest For...

Pick Up Your Pils



The Background

What began as local sidewalk chalk art murals in front of businesses in downtown ocala, during the lockdown, has evolved into a showcase of our local amazing artists! We brewed a pilsner during that time when we could only sell to-go only drinks, which we appropriately named 'pick up your pils'.


Each year we plan to showcase a local artist and have their amazing art on our 'pick up your pils' cans for the year. The 2022 can below by Justin Alsedek of gypsea arts is the first in our series. 

Our goal is to have an annual competition  and then have an art show at the brewery that will showcase  the finalists art. that evening would be the can unveil and winner announcement. This will also coincide with Fafo in October of each year.

Important Dates

Step One: Calling All Artists - May 7th

Step Two: Artist Deadline for submissions – August 19th

Step Three: Three Finalists Chosen – September 23rd

Step Four: Final Decision Made – September 30th

Announcement of winner and Reveal of Label Art -October 21st



-How do you pick the winner?
Every year our team at Infinite as well as our graphic designer and some chosen panel judges review the submissions and choose what art will go on our pilsner.


-You won’t own rights to any of my artwork right, including any submissions chosen or not?
Our goal is to promote you and your work. You own all rights to your work. We are simply looking for you to grant us the rights to feature your art and promote you as an artist. 


-Can I submit an existing piece, or does it need to be something new?
We encourage artists to submit pieces they’ve already done because we respect the time and effort it takes to create something new. But that decision is totally up to you.


Guidelines and restrictions


-Is there a limit on the number of pieces I can submit?

While we don’t technically have a limit on submissions, we ask that artists choose their favorite piece to keep things more manageable.


-Is there a specific theme or guidelines to follow when submitting? 
Our submissions are wide open – 

We recommend avoiding text as it may create brand confusion.


Please note that **Liquor laws prohibit us from featuring any images depicting smoking or drugs, so we won’t be able to present it to our panel of jurors for review. The submitted Artwork must not contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content. 

-I am underage, can I still submit my art? 
Unfortunately, we do have to abide by liquor laws, which prohibit us from using artwork that has associations with children. This means we can’t accept artwork from those under the legal drinking age in Florida (or where you reside), or any artwork that features children in its imagery. 


Preparing and Sending Your Art

-What format should I be submitting in? 
The minimum should be 1800 x 1800px but the higher the resolution the better. In order to be formatted onto a can, submissions will most likely have to be cropped into a square, but you are welcome to submit in a different size and if it gets selected, we can go from there!

-Is there a limit on the number of pieces I can submit? 
While we don’t technically have a limit on submissions, we ask that artists choose their favorite piece, just to keep things manageable for our judges.

-Do you only accept digitally-created art?
We accept all types of art! We will accept high-resolution scans of physical pieces, just keep in mind the minimum 1800×1800 pixel dimensions and acceptable formats: RGB .jpgs and .pngs. 

Please submit all art work to



Justin creating a chalk art mural outside of Infinite Ale Works during Covid 


Justin's finished chalk art  mural for pick up your pils


Justin's creation turned into our 2022 beer can label 

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